Hotel Houdini

About Hotel Houdini

Hotel Houdini, the revolutionary travel search portal, changing the way you search for your holiday forever. No more misspent time reading through endless hotel descriptions; only to find they do not match your specific holiday requirements.

How does it work?

Hotel Houdini provides you with ten unique, combinable search facility options, as well as the standard filters found on other travel websites. We also show you all hotels that are available via a multitude of different suppliers, so it’s impossible to miss out on the hotel of your dreams.

Hotel Houdini Unique Filters

Do you want a hotel that has an adult only pool? Do you need adapted rooms? Maybe your child dreams of a hotel with a waterslide. Well, look no further, with Hotel Houdini all it takes is just a few simple clicks and we instantly provide a shortlist of all the hotels that match your requirements.

Anything else?

The Hotel Houdini experience doesn’t stop there, it completely caters to your personal requirements by dispensing of unnecessary jargon. Rather than reading about the tantalising ocean bed with clear blue waters, we understand you would want to know whether the beach sunbeds are included free of charge; whether towels are included; the distance from the hotel to the beach; and what type of beach it is.

Hotel Houdini have identified a gap in the market that enables you to become your own travel agent. We have done all the research for you, so let us inspire your escape, save you both time and money and make your dreams become reality. Ready to start your search? Click here