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Hotel Houdini partnership, help us, help you. Would you like your hotel to have a greater presence on the Hotel Houdini website? Maybe you would like your company to feature as a third party supplier?

Here at Hotel Houdini we understand the travel market from all perspectives; the buyers, the sellers and the owners. Hotel Houdini has been built on a wealth of travel knowledge and we have a clear direction on the information you need to advertise in order to maximise your viewing potential and draw in both customers and travel agents.

We believe information should be clear, precise and without unnecessary jargon. Over the years we have been asked the same questions from customers and from research we know these answers cannot always be found on your website, so why not let us advertise them for you?

Why Hotel Houdini Logo?

This website is ground breaking and will change the way people search for holidays. You have fantastic features within your hotel that are not currently searchable on the present market. Hotel Houdini will enable travelers to find your unique facilities within just a few simple clicks.

  • Having to enter a date on a holiday search can prevent your hotel being seen, this could be due to you being fully booked on just one of the nights searched. With Hotel Houdini, the customer can find your hotel first and then create their own flexibility around dates; meaning you will never miss an opportunity to show them the fantastic facilities you have on offer.
  • Hotel Houdini advertises hotels available through a range of travel suppliers; we allow customers to find the hotel that matches their requirements first and choose their supplier later.
  • We know how frustrating it can be when a customer arrives only to discover the information they have been advised does not match the facilities available onsite. Hotel Houdini would like to provide detailed information about your hotel; such as disabled access, local area information, bedroom layout and much more. Advertising with Hotel Houdini will enable us to create a clear reliable platform for both customers and travel agents that helps eliminate any potential in-resort issues.
  • Hotel Houdini is an excellent travel search portal for travel industry professionals. With so many hotels available world wide it is impossible for travel agents to remember the unique selling points for each one, however within seconds they can easily find them on the Hotel Houdini website. This will save them time and give them confidence within the product they have chosen to sell.

Hotel Houdini Partnership

Help Hotel Houdini, Help You

Please head to our contact us page if you would like to know more about how a Hotel Houdini partnership can help you and your business.